Vaginal Health Bundle

Vaginal Health Bundle

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Bundle comes with:

Detox Pearls -

Herbal Detox Pearls are all-natural herbal vaginal suppositories that allow users to have a very deep physical and spiritual cleansing of their wombs and vaginas. They are inserted into the vagina, one at one time, and left in for 1-2 days.

Follow Your Gut Probiotic -

Blend of strains specifically designed to ease bloating, aid digestion, and elevate your gut microbiome. These probiotic strains have been clinically shown to support gut health and maintain key, daily functions of the digestive system. Helps reduce bloating, aids in proper digection and proper food absoroption.

UT Health -

Promotes urinary tract health. Can be taken as a preventative if you are prone to UTIS or can be taken when you have a UTI to stop symptoms. Increase dosing for faster relief if you do have a UTI.


DISCLAIMER: Do not use this product without appropriate medical care and consultation. If you suspect you have a medical problem, disease or are pregnant please consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment*