Kids Liquid Vitamin D
Kids Liquid Vitamin D
Kids Liquid Vitamin D
Kids Liquid Vitamin D
Kids Liquid Vitamin D
Kids Liquid Vitamin D

Kids Liquid Vitamin D

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Product Description
Bare Root Remedy's Kids Liquid Vitamin D offers a comprehensive solution for your child's well-being. Packed with the goodness of Vitamin D3, our formulation supports crucial aspects of your child's health. From fostering robust immunological development and enhancing cognitive functions to promoting the strength of teeth and bones, our liquid vitamin is a vital addition to your child's daily routine. Not only does it deliver essential nutrients, but its delightful flavor also ensures that your child looks forward to every dose.


  • Holistic Well-Being Support: A comprehensive solution for children's overall health and vitality.
  • Vitamin D3 Enriched: Packed with the goodness of Vitamin D3 for optimal health.
  • Boosts Immunological Development and Cognitive Functions: Supports not only immune system development but also cognitive functions.
  • Strengthens Teeth and Bones: Promotes the development of strong teeth and bones.
  • Delightful Flavor for Enjoyable Consumption: Delivers essential nutrients with a delightful flavor, making it enjoyable for children.

    Take 1 drop daily as needed

    1 fl oz

    Vitamin D3 + grape natural flavor

    DISCLAIMER: Do not use this product without appropriate medical care and consultation. If you suspect you have a medical problem, disease, or are pregnant, please consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.